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No matter what your budget or style requirements, Creative has the team and quality to deliver. From contemporary to traditional, country style to urban chic, we have the kitchen that is right for YOU.

Feel free to ask our advice and we can get together a design that suits you and your home. We can also blend together different aspects and styles which can is the beauty of bespoke design.

See below for more kitchen styles, visiting the showroom will help with deciding which one is right to you. We will give you FREE design advice.

If you are unsure what style of Kitchen is right for you , then why not check our our galleries , for each range we have added a small selection of kitchens in that range to help you get a feel for the style your after.

Contemporary Kitchens
Contemporary and modern designs consist of smooth surfaces and clean lines.  You will notice there is no clutter and the design is comfortable and spacious without feeling cold.  Most colours of a contemporary kitchen will be fairly neutral with a little accent colour like red or yellow.

Traditional Kitchens
Traditional kitchens are inviting, warm and cozy.  Elaborate wood and formal fabrics add character to a traditional kitchen.

Classic Kitchens:
Classic Kitchens are desirable and functional.  These kitchens are made for plenty of cooking and not necessarily for displaying lots of kitchen gadgets.  The designs are stylish yet relaxing and warm feeling turning this room into the heart of the home.  You would expect to see wooden cabinets and doors and a cooking alcove in a classic kitchen design.

High Gloss Kitchens :
High gloss kitchens are very modern and increasingly growing in popularity.  All cabinets would be in a high gloss finish and available in a range of colours from black, white, red and a variety of other  eye catching colours.  Gloss kitchens would feature a lot of glossy metal fixtures and trims.

Kitchen Islands:
Kitchen islands are the stand alone workspace in the middle of a kitchen. There are many uses for kitchen islands including having a cook top, sinks, drawers and refridgerators. 80% of home owners consider a kitchen island a must have and there is an increasing desire for them.